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Droid Transfer is a useful software program that allows you to transfer data between Android smartphones and PCs. Droid Transfer, created by Wide Angle Software. As it provides a simple and quick solution for managing and transferring numerous sorts of data. Including messages, contacts, images, music, and more. So, users can simply back up their Android smartphone data to their computer with Droid Transfer. Also, assuring the safety and security of their essential information. The program supports both wired and wireless connections. So, it provides flexibility and simplicity in file sharing.

Android Transfer Software for PC

In addition, Droid Transfer’s multimedia file transfer capabilities are a standout feature. Transferring images, music, movies, and other media items between an Android device and a computer is simple. Also, this feature makes chores like backing up media files, rearranging albums, and just clearing up space on the device easier. Overall, Droid Transfer is a simple and effective way to manage and transfer data between Android smartphones and PCs. Also, Droid Transfer is a dependable and easy approach to ensure data backup, management, and smooth transfer. Whether it’s texts, contacts, or multimedia files.

Applications [Free Download for Windows]:

Simplifies the transfer of data between Android devices and computers.

Enables secure backup and management of messages, contacts, and media files.

Provides a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and file organization.

Offers both wired and wireless transfer options for flexibility and convenience.

Why should we use it?

Managing and sharing data between your smartphone and PC might be difficult in the world of Android devices. Fortunately, Wide Angle Software’s Droid Transfer provides a user-friendly solution for smooth data transfer and administration. Droid Transfer is a software program that allows you to transfer files between Android smartphones and PCs. Also, it allows users to send and receive messages, contacts, images, music, and other files. The program operates via a desktop application and a companion Android app. So, allowing for simple communication and file transmission.

One of Droid Transfer’s main features is the ability to transfer SMS and MMS messages from an Android device to a PC. Also, this tool may be useful for users who want to store important chats, classify messages, or free up storage space on their smartphones. As it allows users to export contacts from their Android smartphone to other formats such as vCard or CSV. So, makes it easy to manage and transfer contacts between platforms or devices.

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What Can Be Done with Droid Transfer?

  • Backup and organize messages, contacts, and media files.
  • Export messages and contacts to different file formats.
  • Transfer files between Android devices and computers.
  • Save call logs and WhatsApp messages on the computer.

How Droid Transfer Works?

Droid Transfer makes use of a desktop program installed on the PC and an Android device companion app. The program connects the two devices using either USB or Wi-Fi. Once connected, users may choose which data to transfer or manage and begin the transfer process. The files are then securely transmitted between the Android smartphone and the PC.

Droid Transfer Full Version Free Download:

Droid Transfer is a dependable and easy-to-use tool for managing and transferring data between Android smartphones and PCs. FurthermoreTransfer streamlines the process of organizing and storing up essential data by offering a wide range of features and capabilities. Such as message transfer, contact export, and media file management. Also, maintain the most recent version to take advantage of the most recent upgrades and features for a smooth data transfer experience.

droid transfer Key Features

Key Features:

Transfer SMS and MMS messages from Android to computer.

Export contacts to different file formats for easy management.

Transfer photos, music, videos, and other media files between devices.

Backup and restore Android device data.

View and save call logs on the computer.

Transfer WhatsApp messages and attachments.

What’s New in the Latest Version of Droid Transfer:

The latest version introduces several enhancements, including:

Improved compatibility with the latest Android devices and versions.

Enhanced transfer speed for large files.

Additional options for exporting and organizing data.

Streamlined user interface for better user experience.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and file management.
  • Support for a wide range of data types, including messages, contacts, and media files.
  • Both wired and wireless transfer options.
  • Secure backup and restore capabilities.


  • Some advanced features may require a paid version.
  • Limited support for specific Android devices and versions.

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