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360 Total Security Free Download

360 Total Security License Key {Patch}

360 Total Security is a powerful and high-quality tool that scans, cleans, and boosts your computer. It protects the computer or laptop from malware viruses and Trojans.

In addition, 360 Total also protects you while doing online shopping or other online work from malicious attacks and internet worms. Furthermore, 360 Total is an all-in-one application that gives proper scan, clean, and boost tools. It also protects you from cybercrimes and hijacking. 360 Total Security is developed by the Chinese company “Qihoo” and is a free program. It lets you manage and optimize the system applications.

360 Total Security Free Download

Why do we use it?

While doing online shopping or any other online work your system can easily be attacked by malicious files and by Trojans and online worms. Your data may also leak and your privacy is in danger.

Also with time malware, viruses, and Trojans accumulate in the computer and affect the working of the system, it also slows down computers and laptops Everyone wants to remove all the threats that harm the computer. 360 Total Security provides a complete solution. It offers you thorough scan, clean, and boost tools that help to manage and optimize the system.

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360 Total Security Crack With Keygen

In addition, 360 Total Security provides complete protection against malware viruses and Trojans. It also protects you from the online worms or cybercrimes and protects your privacy. This program completely not only safeguards you from malicious data but also allows you to optimize the system. Furthermore, 360 Total Security uses multiple mediums including Cloud Engine, Bitdefender, and Avira. All that helps to protect and manage your system conditions.

How 3does 60 Total Security work?

360 Total Security is an all-in-one application that offers scanning, cleaning, and boosting in just one click. This application offers three modes of scanning that include Full, Quick, and Manual scans. The full scan is the best mode that gives a thorough and deep scan. In manual mode, you can customize the scanning option.

Along with standard anti-virus t60 Total Security also scans the webpages and downloads and protects you from cybercrimes. The distinguishing feature of 360 is that it boosts the system by cleaning the useless and temporary files and data. It also stops the services that slow down the system. In summary, 360  is multi-engine software that not only scans and cleans the system but also boosts the system.

360 total security crack

Latest Features


It offers a complete and deep scanning and cleaning of the system.
Scanning modes:  offer you 3 different modes to scan the computer that include Full, Quick, and Manual scanning modes.

Easy and Fast:

you can scan, clean, and boost the system in just one click. So, 360  Security is an easy and fast program.

360 Total Security


360 Total offers a deep and complete cleaning. It cleans the malware, viruses, and Trojans. It also removes the temporary files and data from the system.


This software protects from cybercrime and malicious files or data while doing online shopping and online work.


The feature that distinguishes the 360 Total is the sandbox feature. You can use the risky applications in Sanboxthat keeps separated from the rest of the computer.

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