Dualcrack Uncategorized ZD Soft Screen Recorder – Download 2024

ZD Soft Screen Recorder – Download 2024


ZD Soft Screen Recorder is screen recording and editing tool for windows. It let you to record screen and also web cam recording at any time. You can use microphone to record your voice along with the screen. Also it let you to change the video frame and do some changes. You can cut, trim or change some parts of the video. In addition you can also share your video with your friends or team member with ease. This software provide a complete guideline to operate the tool. You can learn how to record the video and edit it later. It also allows you take screenshot with it. You can also record games as well while other recorders do not permit all these features in one roof. So, if you want to record screen with voice, game recording, share screen and taking screenshots in one application then ZD Soft Screen Recorder is the best choice.

ZD Soft Screen Recorder - Download 2024

Why we use it?

Recording screen is useful while having lectures, presentations, meetings and streaming game. But where do we record screen in best quality and which eats up less space. There are many software that offer screen recording but the most useful and powerful software is ZD Soft Screen Recorder. This software is feature rich and offers many tools that enables you to record a quality video. It offer screen recording, screenshots and video editing. Also you can record sound along with your video. So, if you want to express the actions in video you can record voice using microphone. Others tools or application do not have this voice feature. In addition you can customize the screen frame and ratio of the video. You can also edit recorded video later such as crop, trim and save. This software offers high quality video that takes very less space from drive. You can also record all the games with it without disturbing the game. So, you should go for ZD Soft Screen Recorder software if you want high quality video editing and light weight to PC.


ZD Soft Screen Recorder allows you to record screen in various methods. It has user friendly interface that allows you simple video recording. This software provide demo for video recording such as cursor tracking, full screen and partial screen recording. You can also record your sound (voice) using microphone to express actions in video. It allows you to record the web cam, multimedia and other streaming videos. You can also record game videos and share your screen with your friends. It allows you to make some hotkeys so that you can work with efficiency and save your time. Moreover, it takes less space and do not burden your system. It do not have any virus and malware. So, do not harms your system. Also you can customize the settings such as change the ratio of your video and after that you decide the location to save the video. So, if you want to record all the activities on your computer screen you should go for ZD Soft Screen Recorder.

ZD Soft Screen Recorder - Download 2024


It offer video capturing up to 4K resolution.
You can choose frame rate up to 120fps
It uses GPU screen recording without lagging.
It has light weight impact to CPU
Provide high quality video with small size.
Allows you to record web cam video
You can record live steaming and games as well.
Enables you to edit video after recording.

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